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Kanchan RK Sharma

Kanchan RK Sharma

My journey

I am a Mystic, Spiritualist, and an author apart from being a full time mother.
My journey into Spirituality began when I started practicing Tarot and Numerology in 2006, and since then, there is no turning back!
Today, I use multiple modalities to guide people in the best possible manner.

Experience & Expertise

My Motivation

The burning desire to touch as many lives as possible, to help them, and be a beacon of hope and a ray of positivity, keeps me going on this path irrespective of the ups and downs.

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Tarot Reading - How does it work?

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Tarot Reading

Tarot readers are a medium or a channel to deliver the message of the divine to you, with the help of the cards. Everything that your subconscious mind can feel, believe and experience, is captured in the images of the Tarot.
1000 Per Reading 10 mins
  • Know the hidden truths about your issues, which will help you in taking the right action.
  • Come face to face with your fears, anxieties and beliefs, which will help you in navigating your life in a better way
  • Gain clairty and peace of mind.
  • Solutions and answers for all your pressing problems and questions.
  • Find what you should do next.
  • Gain valuable insights for your situations and expect free remedies.


A Numerology consultation is basically an analysis of your date of birth, and your name, and the combinations they form. The main motive is to see if all the numbers are in harmony and compatible.
5500 Complete Analysis
  • A detailed description of your behaviour, your personality, your challenges, hopes and dreams.
  • Point to the challenges that can come in the near future as well as the energy of your life in general
  • Getting to know yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, and your patterns in a new light.
  • Offers solutions majorly via name correction. And the best part about it is, you don't have to make any name change permanent, or in your legal documents.
  • Excellent for new born babies too. Before their naming ceremony, get their names checked and corrected

clients are Happy & Healthy

Ample of gratitude and much appreciation for your guidance and very valuable information.. It’s a blessing to be able to have such effective remedies!! Thank you Thank you Thank you For everything”

Pranali Sameer Buch

Hi Kanchan, thank you for my first-ever tarot reading and your guidance. I am so grateful that this worked wonderfully as I knew somewhere that you would be perfect for me to guide through. As always your voice is melody and I appreciate your knowledge in all these. Last but not least, loved the way you explained my numbers and my name as per numerology. And happy to know these things, it boosted my confidence. Thank you so much!”

Vandana Advani, Pune

Thank you so much for today’s session. I didn’t know what to expect and I was pleasantly surprised by your warm nature and keen intuitive abilities. I learnt a lot more about myself and the answers received during the session have given me some food for thought but have also comforted me. I look forward to speaking to you again and will recommend to my friends and family.

Rohini Pillai, Johannesburg

i am here to answer your questions

10 mins – 1000 INR
20 mins – 1990 INR
30 mins – 2980 INR

At the moment, due to my #motherhood status, I am taking only online appointments.

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