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Kanchan RK Sharma

Kanchan RK Sharma

Jar magick is literally a Spell in a jar !!

Introduction To JAR MAGICK

Trust me when I say that it’s not any regular class you’ll attend. This online workshop will go into the details and working of jar magick and empower you to create your own witches bottles. Join us now for an
Introductory webinar on Jar Magick!

Duration: 60 minutes session.

Mode: Online live session (Google Meet)

Price: ₹194/- per session

You will learn the following aspects of the program :

  • Basics of Magick
  • What is Jar Magick
  • How does it work?
  • Components of Jar Magick
  • How to make spell bottles
  • 3 Jar Spells

This program is designed for:

  • Anyone who wishes to learn and practice Jar spells.
  • Anyone who wants to keep magick with them all the time. 
  • Anyone who wants a secure and safe way to practice magick.
  • Anyone who wishes to take control of their life and make positive changes to it.
  • Anyone who wants to offer positive solutions to their clients.
  • Anyone who wants to make and sell spell jars.




Absolutely NOT. Even this one hour class will teach you lots about jar magick. So much so that you’ll be able to practice it.

MOST CERTAINLY! You’ll be able to confidently make Spell Jars and even sell them if you like.

I am afraid no. If you’d like to teach, you can take the complete Jar Magick class.

No Levels really. This Introductory class. And then the complete course.

The certified complete course on Jar Magick is available for an unbelievable price of 5500 INR only! Remember, after this you can teach it too. And in my opinion it’s a very small investment in comparison to what you can make.