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Kanchan RK Sharma

Kanchan RK Sharma

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Highlights of the Programs

60 Minutes

Each session requires 60 minutes of your time to flood you with immense knowledge.

Live Session

These are all live sessions, through which, you can interact with me and clear your doubts first hand.

Learn Remotely

These workshops can be attended from anywhere across the globe easily.


These are all very affordable and pocket friendly programs, with so much to take back from. You wouldn't want to miss it!

Beginner to experts

Anyone, beginner or expert, can join these programs to learn, heal and grow.

Heal & Manifest

Empower yourself to create a life of your choice, by healing and transforming yourself positively.

alter Your Reality

You gain the power to alter your reality the way you like.

instant changes

It brings instant shifts and changes.

Simple to understand

It's simple and fuss free. This is the best form of magick, using less ingredients.

Empower yourself

Empower yourself to help others. Be it your family, friends or your clients,

Anytime, Anywhere

Do it anytime, anywhere! It is as simple as that.


Feel a fresh sense of positive vibrations

Deeper understanding

You'll see tarot in a new light.

tarot as remedies

You'll be able to use your cards as remedies.

client retention

More client retention for professional practitioner

Emotions regulation

You have absolute regulation of your emotions and a proper discernment of your energy

Opening of inner eye

Chances are that your inner eye may open, leading to assurance of knowing how things are going to be in future.

Psychic Power

Your psychic powers start getting stronger and stronger by the day

"Create A Life Of Your Choice"


No.  We will not record any of our live sessions as there is a live energy exchange and can’t be felt later.

Candle Magick – Yes

Jar Magick – Yes

Awakening the 3rd eye – No

Tarot Manifestation – No

Yes. There will be a dedicated segment for question and answers. You can easily ask your doubts and queries then.

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Know Your Facilitator

My journey has not only made me stronger and more compassionate towards people, but also more gentle and affirming of myself, my energy and my self worth. I strive to see my people leave the session with a smile on their face and clarity in their mind!