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Kanchan RK Sharma

Kanchan RK Sharma

This is what happens when your 3rd Eye Awakens!!

Learn Program: Awakening The 3rd EYE

As a spiritual person, you may be well versed with the chakras as well as the 3rd eye. You’ve also probably heard a lot about Kundalini Awakening and also the awakening of the 3rd eye. But what exactly does it mean?
Is it just a set of remedies that you follow and magically your energy levels rise? Or is there something more to it?

Duration: 60 minutes session.

Mode: Online live session (Google Meet)

Price: ₹249/- per session

Slot 1 – 30th Sept, Saturday
3 pm to 4 pm

Slot 2 – 1st October, Sunday
4 to 5 pm

You will learn the following aspects of the program :

  • What is the 3rd eye all about?
  • Blockages of the 3rd eye
  • Foods, situations, and factors influencing the 3rd eye
  • Cleansing the 3rd eye
  • Activities, remedies to awaken the 3rd eye to its full potential
  • A dedicated segment for all your doubts, questions, and concerns.

This program is designed for:

  • Anyone who wants to be self-confident and in control of their fear.
  • Anyone who wants to strengthen and develop their psychic powers.
  • Anyone who is in the spiritual field, especially divination and Channeling.
  • Anyone who wants more clarity on a daily basis.
  • Anyone who wants to work on and open their psychic vision (more commonly known as your inner eye).
  • Anyone who wants to understand the signs and message of the universe, the angels, and higher powers.
  • Anyone who wants a sense of inner peace.



The 3rd Eye

This is a trick question, isn’t it? The answer to this is – it totally depends on you! Well, if you put to practice everything that you learn during the class, then maybe, overtime you WILL develop that quality.

Ideally, I would suggest you attend the 3 hour zoom class too. Post that, yes.

Obviously. If, and only if, you want to really energize and activate your 3rd eye. Otherwise, once or twice in a week is fine too. It will give results too, however, may take more time.

These are our good old sanskrit mantras. And yes, can be easily chanted by all. Irrespective of age, gender or caste.

There are several little things that you can do daily, apart from the mantras.